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Chapter 12: You Cannot Crucify Truth

I have heard that an Englishman died and he reached hell. The Devil asked him, “Which hell would you prefer? Because we have all sorts of hells here: the English, the German, the Chinese, the Russian, the Indian.”

The Englishman said, “The Indian of course!”

The Devil was puzzled. He said, “You look like an Englishman, so why do you choose the Indian?

He said, “I am an Englishman, but I have been in India and I know well that in the Indian hell the heating won’t work!”

Your mind accumulates experience. Whatsoever you say about hell or heaven or other persons, it is your experience speaking; it is you reflected in each word you assert.

This Simon Peter said: Thou art like a righteous angel. He is saying two things: first, righteous. He must have always been afraid of wrong, he must have been afraid of sin, he must have been afraid of being immoral. He projects the opposite on Jesus, that’s why he is with Jesus.

Remember one thing: opposites attract each other. If you are a man, you are attracted to a woman, and that is the trouble! She is attractive because she is the opposite. But to live with a woman will be difficult, because she is the opposite. This is how the misery of marriage arises: it begins with the attraction for the opposite, but when you have to live with the opposite, then there is trouble because in every way she is opposite. Her logic is totally different from yours. A man never comes to understand a woman. It is impossible to understand her, because a man thinks like a man and a woman thinks like a woman; they have different dimensions. A woman is more intuitive; she is not logical, she jumps to conclusions. And almost always she is right! That makes more trouble. She cannot convince you; she cannot convince you whatsoever she says, because she has no logic about it. But she has insight, she immediately looks.

Once, Mulla Nasruddin was caught in a legal case. He looked in the court: twelve woman jurists. And he said to the judge, “I confess! Because I cannot deceive one woman at home, so twelve in the jury, impossible! I have committed this sin, simply give me the punishment.”

Every husband knows it is difficult to deceive a woman. Howsoever you plan, everything goes wrong the moment you reach home. The wife simply catches you, she hits exactly right at the wound. She is not aware either how she functions; her functioning is different.

A woman can never understand a man. This is also the reason why they attract each other, because only mysteries attract. But to live with someone you cannot understand is bound to create trouble, then there is going to be fighting. So continuous fighting happens wherever there is love, each moment a fight.

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