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Chapter 4: Everything Is Interdependent

If you don’t do that, the possibility is that as Bodhi grows more and more philosophical and understanding, you will become more and more of a bitch - because you will think that he is getting cold, you will think he is getting far away, and you will start hitting him harder, you will start fighting harder. Seeing that he is going somewhere else, leaving you, you will take more and more revenge. Before it happens, become alert.

I have heard:

A man arranged to pay for his wife’s funeral arrangements by instalments, but after a few months he ran into financial difficulties and was unable to keep up the payments. Finally, the undertaker rang up one morning and said, “Look, either I get some money from you at once, or up she comes!”

Don’t create such a situation that one who loves you starts thinking of your death, one who would have liked you to be immortal starts hoping that you die, that it is better that you die.

Mulla Nasruddin is mad after movies. Every night he’s in the movie house, somewhere or other. One day the wife said, “I think that even if for one night you are at home, I will drop dead.”

He looked at her and said, “Don’t try to bribe me.”

Don’t create such a situation.

The wife of one of the club’s oldest and most revered members had recently passed away. His fellow members were offering their condolences, and one said, “It is hard to lose one’s wife.”

Another member muttered bitterly, “Hard? It is damned near impossible!”

Nobody says this, but this is what people create - a very ugly situation. And I know that you are creating it unknowingly, and I know that you are creating it in the hope of just the opposite. Sometimes it happens that the woman starts hitting the man just to break his coolness, just to break the ice. She wants him to at least be warm: “At least be angry, but be warm. Hit me back, but do something! Don’t stand there so aloof.” But the more you create such a situation, the more the man has to protect himself and go far away. By and by, he has to learn space travel, so that the body remains here and he goes off far away - astral travel.

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