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Chapter 7: Enter Your Temple

Sadhu, consider this:
ride in a boat and drown midstream;
helpless, get across.

Reach the town by some back way;
get looted on the highway.
By one rope all get tied,
both the bound and the free.

Enter your temple; be bathed from all sides.
Who remains without stays dry.
Chop off the head for eternal joy;
an unchopped head is suffering.

The whole world looks without seeing,
eyes remaining blind.
Says Kabir: I understand,
seeing the ways of the world.

To be the opposite to what you are at present is the path. You will attain if you walk in the direction opposite to that in which you are now walking. The Ganges flows towards the ocean, and the Gangotri, the source is left far behind. And as the Ganges proceeds further, the distance from the Gangotri will increase. The path to the ocean is not the way to reach the Gangotri. To reach its source, the Ganges will have to turn back. When the Ganges of your consciousness flows in the opposite direction, flows towards its Gangotri, then you will be able to attain. Him you have missed has been missed at that source. He is not ahead of you; you have left him somewhere behind. Ponder this deeply. This sutra of Kabir’s draws our attention to this fact.

Kabir says that this is the most important piece of knowledge for a sadhu, for a seeker, to understand - him you are seeking has been left behind. He was once part of you, but now you are missing him. You were once the total celebration of existence; you were once innocence incarnate. You were born a sadhu, a person devoid of sin. Everyone is born a sadhu; sadhuta, sinlessness, is your nature. Your state of non-sinlessness has been earned; it has been learned. Through your own cleverness you have become asadhu, non-sinless.

In your innocence, when you were born, you were certainly a sadhu. At the time of their births, all children are great sadhus, but by and by they are given the poison of sansara, of the world - education and information, impressions and ideas that cut them off from their real nature. A child is cut off from his own center and the search for it goes on his whole life. But his search is in accordance with tradition, in agreement with the rules of society - and this is the problem. You follow these traditions and move farther and farther away from the ecstasy you are seeking. By following the rules which have caused your downfall you keep going further and further astray.

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