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Chapter 4: All Hopes Are False

Move in life as freely as possible, and use both the opposites, both the banks, as much as possible. Don’t create any contradiction. They are not contradictory, they only appear to be contradictory. Deep down they are one. They are just like legs, right and left. You use the right, you use the left. While you raise the right, the left is waiting on the earth, helping. Don’t become addicted. Don’t be a rightist or a leftist. Both legs are yours, and in both legs your energy flows - undivided. Have you ever felt that the right leg has one energy and the left leg some other energy? You are flowing in both. Close your eyes: left disappears, right disappears. They are both you, and while moving you can use them. Use both! If you become addicted to the right, as many people have become, then you will be crippled, you cannot use the left. Then you will stand, but you will be crippled, and by and by you will become dead.

Move, and constantly remember the unmoving center. Do, and constantly remember the non-doer. Make effort and remain effortless. Once you know this secret alchemy of using the opposites, the contradictory, you are free; otherwise you create inner imprisonments.

There are people who come to me and say: “How can I do this? I have never done this.” Just the other day there was somebody -he said to me: “How can I do active meditation, because I have been sitting silently for many years?”

He has chosen, and he has reached nowhere; otherwise there was no need to come to me. But he cannot do the active meditation because he has become identified with an inactive posture. This is getting frozen.

Become more movement. Be moving and allow life to flow. Once you know that between the opposites balance is possible, once you have a glimpse of it, then you know the art. Then everywhere in life, in every dimension of life, you can attain that balance very easily. Really, to say that you can attain is not good. Once you know the knack of it, whatsoever you do the balance follows you like a shadow. This inner balance between the opposites is the most significant thing that can happen to a man.