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Chapter 11: A Meeting of Life with Death

It is not very difficult to understand what I am saying about silence, but that is my attitude in every sphere of life. If you are a real brahmachari, a real celibate, you can move into sex and it will not destroy your celibacy. This will be very difficult to follow. If sex disturbs your celibacy, it was nothing worthwhile. You carry the quality within.

If you are really alive, full of energy, you can die happy. Only weaklings die unhappy - because they have never lived. They have never tasted the cup of life. They have always been hoping and hoping and hoping, and life has never happened to them. That’s why they are scared of death.

One who has lived is always ready to die. One who has really lived is ready every moment to accept death. The word accept is not good - it would be better if we say to welcome death, to receive it happily, joyfully. Then death is an adventure. If you have really lived it should be. Then death is not the enemy, death is the friend. A deeper life allows death, a shallow life avoids it. And this is so in every sphere of life.

If you have known what friendship is, you will not be scared of enemies -you cannot be. Then enmity has its own beauty. It is a sort of friendship - on the opposite pole. It is a love affair on the opposite pole. It is involvement, it is commitment. If you have known friendship, you will love the enemy.

That’s what Jesus means when he says: “Love your enemies” - not the way Christians have been interpreting it all these centuries. You cannot love your enemy - how can you love your enemy? But I say to you: If you have loved friends, you will love your enemies - because once you know the beauty of friendship you also come to know the beauty of enmity. It is a friendship in reverse order. Both give, both enrich your life.

Opposites are not really opposites, deep down they have a great harmony. They are parts of one whole. As the Chinese say: yin and yang, they are part of one movement, part of one wheel - they are not two. They appear two because we have not looked deep down. It is because of our shallow eyes, non-penetrating minds, superficial consciousnesses - that’s why they look like opposites, otherwise they are not.

Life and death are friends. They exist through each other, they contribute to the other. Without the other they would not be there at all. Can life exist without death? Man has been dreaming for ever and ever how to destroy death. This is the attitude of the mind, the linear mind, the logical mind - how to destroy death. The logical mind says: If there is no death, there will be life in abundance. Simple logic! Even a child can understand the arithmetic - if there is no death, there will be more life. But I say to you: If there is no death, there will be no life.

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