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Chapter 15: A Silent Shrine

There is a part which is carrying all the seeds of meditation, and there is another part which is carrying all the seeds of sexuality. The sinner denies the meditative part and accepts the sexual part; the saint denies the sexual part and accepts the meditative part. But both remain lopsided. The sage accepts both, brings them together -meditativeness and sexuality - and watches a great miracle happening in himself, the greatest. As meditativeness and sexuality come close suddenly there is a change - they become one flame. And that one name has a totally new quality.

It is just like when hydrogen and oxygen meet, you have water. Now this is a miracle - a miracle in the sense that oxygen does not have the qualities of water, neither does hydrogen. But when hydrogen and oxygen come close, get into a loving embrace, become one unity, suddenly a new quality arises in existence which was not in either of the components. You can drink as much oxygen as you want but your thirst will not go. And you can drink as much hydrogen as you want and your thirst will not go. But water is nothing but H20. Then water has something which is not contained in the parts. Something new has happened: the parts have disappeared into something new. A higher synthesis has been arrived at.

That’s what I mean by organic transformation. Whenever two things meet, if there is a real meeting, a third thing is born. When a man and a woman meet and love, a child is born. Now the child will not have the qualities of the father and will not have the qualities of the mother. The child will have his own qualities, the child will be a unique individual. You cannot just reduce the child to the qualities of the parents. You cannot say, “This quality comes from this parent, this quality comes from that parent - and the child is just a sum total of it.” No. If the child is just a sum total of the parents then there is no soul. The child must be something more than the sum total of the parents, only then is there a soul.

Water is something more than the sum total of H20.

Only when two opposites meet does this organic transformation happen. Man and woman meet, then a child is born. A child cannot be born from a meeting of a man with another man, or a woman with another woman. Similars cannot create

only opposites.

Now meditativeness and love are opposites. Meditativeness needs aloneness, love needs the other. Sexuality and meditation are opposites. Sexuality is a desire, a continuous desire, unfulfilled - it remains unfulfilled. And meditation is desirelessness. These are opposites. When they meet, suddenly there is a flare-up. Something happens which was not contained in either.

The saint is just meditative. He is carrying one part - hydrogen or oxygen. The sinner is just sexual, he’s carrying another part. When the saint and the sinner meet in you, the sage is born. When the polarities meet in you in deep embrace, are lost into each other, lose all definitions, merge, become one, the sage is born in you. The sage is the rarest flowering in existence. The saint is a faraway echo of it, as far away as the sinner.

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