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Chapter 23: Cities Have Made the Human Being Inhuman

The common people have to understand this simple thing. They should move back to the villages because money has not given anything.more gadgets, but gadgets don’t create love, don’t create freedom, don’t create joy. Go to the villages, make small communes.

And to work with nature is a healthy thing. All the jobs that the city provides are unhealthy, because people are sitting the whole day in chairs. Man is not made for that; his body is made for at least eight hours’ physical labor. Basically he was a hunter, running after wild and fast animals. And that was his food. He managed for thousands of years, and naturally he had a certain health that modern man cannot afford. If you don’t use a certain part of your body, that part slowly becomes useless; then you cannot use it.

People have to move back to the villages, to the forest, to the mountains. It will be a hard life, but it will be natural, it will be beautiful, it will have a joy. And they should make small communes, so love need not be a forced thing.

Ordinarily marriage is nothing but licensed prostitution.

This is ugly.

Except for love there should be no other thing between two persons.

In the villages, in the mountains, in the communes, the woman will have a similar kind of work to the man. She will not be financially dependent on man; she will be producing, she will be creative.

And let the cities die. It happened many times in the past - it can happen again. There is no necessity for anything to live forever.

I have seen a few places in India.. In one place I was staying in a government guesthouse. Now it is just a small hill station, the population of the city today is only ninety. These are the people who serve the visitors, the tourists. There was a time that the city had a unimaginable population, looking at today’s population of ninety: it had hundreds of thousands of people.

It was one of the biggest cities, Mandu. And you can find the proof in the ruins. There are mosques where ten thousand people can pray together. There are caravanserai - just ruins - where thousands of camels could have an overnight stay. And if you look from the top, all over the mountain there are ruins as far as you can see.

I asked a man who was my friend and was living there.there is a great palace and other small palaces and a beautiful lake. I said, “What happened to the city? This big city suddenly disappeared without any war.”

He said, “This city was the camels’ route, and in that day camels were the vehicles that carried the goods from one place to another. So from Kabul to Indore this was the only route. Thousands of camels moved through here continuously, and the city was flourishing. But then things changed..”

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