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Chapter 4: Go with the River

He had to tie the cat; otherwise the cat would disturb his meditation! The cat may jump into his lap, might like to play with him. Cats don’t bother whether you are meditating or not, so the cat has to be tied to the post. But what about the disciples? They watched. And you can see only the outward; the inner remains invisible. Naturally they also tried to imitate it.

It happens. Beware of that too. Don’t be imitative. Just because I am saying something, you need not repeat it. If you repeat it, it will not be helpful for your own growing understanding. Don’t repeat it. Let it sink into your being. Experience it.

If I say something, there is no need to believe in it. There is no need to disbelieve either. Remain open. If I say something, then try it. Then look at the trees without any ideas whatever. Look at the birds and the sky with no knowledge. Drop language and see whether what I am saying gives you clarity. If you can drop the word rose and then see the rose flower, what happens? You will immediately feel a new kind of relationship arising between you and the flower. Don’t even call it a flower; there is no need. Your language is not needed to support it; it exists without language. Why bring language in? Put language aside. Put aside your continuous gibberish that goes on inside the mind. Just look.

In the beginning it is difficult - the language will come up again and again, just out of old habit - but sooner or later it comes easily: you can remain at least for a few moments without language. Listening to the song of the birds or the murmur of the wind passing through the trees, or the river, you can remain without language for a few seconds. And in those seconds will be the proof of what I have been saying to you. Suddenly you will see as if a great darkness has disappeared and everywhere is light. You can see as if the doors of perception have been cleansed.

Ordinarily we are looking through dark curtains. The glass we are looking through is too dusty. Only fragments of reality appear, not the totality.

Experience what I am saying, don’t imitate, and then this is going to happen to you: one day you will suddenly see you don’t know anything. But this will be a vision, a realization. Then it is great. If it is truly happening, it is great.

The second question:

Meher Baba has talked about God descending in man (Avatar, Rasool, Christ) and man rising to be God (the perfect master, satguru, qutub, tirthankara). Would you please talk to us about the same?

God is. He neither ascends nor descends. Where can he ascend to and where can he descend to? God is all. There is nothing in to which God can ascend or descend. There is nobody else other than God. All that is is divine. So the first thing: there is no ascendance, no descendance.

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