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Chapter 13: Session 13

Om mani padme hum.

Ordinarily man has understood meditation to mean concentration. It is not, it is relaxation, and both are contrary. This is so beautiful.I can sing my song. Alas I am not a singer, nor a poet, nor a painter, but one need not be a poet, a painter, or singer to sing a song; one can sing it just by being ordinary. It works in ordinariness.

This morning I was talking about The Ten Bulls of Zen. The ninth picture is just an empty garden. That has been the ultimate of all religions. Even Krishnamurti belongs to the ninth picture. It does not matter whether he thinks it is so or not, but he belongs to it.

I have been in the company of the ninth - Krishna, Ramana, J. Krishnamurti; and there are the ancient ones also: Mahavira, Mohammed, Moses - they all belong to the ninth. Yes, they are very saintly, very extraordinary. The grip of the extraordinary is extraordinary; to get out of it is the last thing in existence, and that is the tenth card. When you come out of nothingness, back into the world of ordinariness, it is so beautiful. The ordinary is no longer ordinary. The mundane has become sacred.

Om mani padme hum contains both. Om is beyond it, and hum is below the expressible. Hum is used by the laborers; Om is used by the saints. Om mani padme hum joins them both; Om becomes hum, and hum becomes Om.. What a tremendous synthesis.

The diamond is the hardest, the most masculine - Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin. Amazingly, Stalin means steel; that’s what the diamond stands for. It is the steeliest of all steels. And the lotus, the softest, the most fragile. You cannot conceive of anything more fragile than a lotus. The hardest and the softest. The lotus represents the feminine. The feminine is always at the center, the center of everyone. The diamond is at the circumference. Its hardness is to guard, to protect - a safety device, a security. The feminine however is at the center, at the very core where security is not needed; where one can open up in love; where one can trust; where trust is simple, not arranged, not made.it is simply, effortlessly there.

This mantra joins them both, the highest, Om, with the lowest, hum. The hardest, the diamond, with the softest, the lotus. The total is what is existential, and here and now. It is the present within me herenow. It is present in my silence, and it is also present in the words that bubble out of my silence. I have come across hundreds of mantras but nothing is comparable to Om mani padme hum.

Just from words, or rather sounds, but what intensity! What fire! What sacred fire!

It is no ordinary fire,

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