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Chapter 8: Everybody Is Extraordinary

Do only one thing: start dropping the very concept of inferiority, the very concept that you have to be extraordinary. Even this question contains it. She has signed the question, “your ordinary buddha, Sudha.” Even in that, the ego is claiming, “I am no ordinary buddha. I am an ordinary buddha.” You follow me? “Buddhas are extraordinary people; I am not like them - I am an ordinary buddha.” This is claiming extraordinariness.

“Help me to be ordinary.” You want to be extraordinarily ordinary? The ego can go on playing games, subtle games. You will have to look through and through. Just remember two things. One: you are already that which you want to be, hence there is no need to do anything for it. You can call it ordinariness, you can call it extraordinariness, it makes no difference, you are already that and you can never be anything other than that. What you call it does not matter. If you are in love with the word ordinary then everybody is ordinary. If you love the word extraordinary then everybody is extraordinary. Remember only one thing, that whatsoever you claim for yourself, you have claimed for the whole. And that is the trouble - you would like to be special, not just like everybody else.

It happened.there is a beautiful parable:

A man worshipped God for many years and was always asking, “Fulfill only one of my desires.” God must have got tired, bored. One day he appeared and he said, “Okay, you won’t leave me alone. Morning, evening, you continuously go on harping on the same note, ‘Fulfill one of my desires.’ Okay, I am here, what is your desire?”

And the man said, “Whatsoever I ask should be immediately given to me, that is my desire.” A very cunning man! God must have thought out of his innocence that he would ask for one thing; he asked for it all. He said that he had only one desire, “Whatsoever I ask should be given immediately to me.” But you cannot defeat God, because cunningness never defeats innocence. God said, “Perfectly okay. This will be so - but remember one thing: whatsoever you ask for, your neighbors will get double.”

Now, the man was finished. Months passed, and God would come again and again, “You have not asked anything..” He stopped praying, and God would come again and again, morning, evening, and he would say, “What, you have not asked yet?” And the man became very bored with God. He thought and thought, but whatsoever he will get, neighbors will get double. “It is pointless!” He always wanted to have a beautiful palace, but what is the point now? The neighbors will have doubly big palaces. The very idea was crushing him, killing him; he lost all joy in life. Now there was no possibility of ever being happy, and this God would come morning and evening and torture him.

So one day he said, “Okay, give me a beautiful golden palace.” Immediately his hut became a golden palace. He came out and he saw that the whole town had golden palaces - bigger palaces, doubly bigger, all golden - only his was the poorest one.

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