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Chapter 6: I Exalt the Ordinary

I am going to continue. My hammering will become harder because I have to bring more and more rubbish to the surface. My hammering will go deeper. It is a surgical hammering: many rotten parts of this goddamned country have to be removed. It needs nothing less than that. Medicines won’t help, it needs an operation. And I am preparing the operating table.

It is going to be a great adventure. But even if the patient dies, there is no harm done. At least there will be some space, at least there will be less of a crowd. And the patient is dead anyway. This country is living a posthumous existence. It died long ago: the day it started the idea that we are falling, that the golden age is lost, that we are falling deeper and deeper into darkness and hell, it lost all qualities of life. Since then it has been living a posthumous existence.

My effort is to give this country a real death so that a real birth becomes possible. Resurrection is possible only after crucifixion. There is no other way. Death is the way for life to come back, so don’t be afraid of death! In fact, life and death are not opposites, they are not contradictions to each other. They are like two wings: they help each other, they are complementaries.

I teach you to live totally, and I also teach you to die totally. Totality has to be the taste of a really religious person. And when I say “a really religious person” I don’t mean anything supernatural, anything higher, holier. I simply mean the innocent life, the ordinary life. I exalt the ordinary, I praise the ordinary, I worship the ordinary.

Enough for today.