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Chapter 1: Neither Do I Condemn Thee

Hindus also are very much against the idea that Jesus can forgive you. The Christian idea is immense, tremendous, very great and potential. Hindus say that you will have to suffer for your past karmas, whatsoever you have done, you will have to undo. If you have done a bad thing you will have to do a good thing. And the bad and its result are going to come: you will have to suffer the consequence. Hindus will not agree with this. Neither will agree the Buddhists, nor the Jainas, nor were Jews agreeing with Jesus. How can he forgive?

But I say to you: a man of that understanding can forgive. Not that by his forgiving are you forgiven. But just if that consciousness, that great consciousness can give you a feel of well-being - “Nothing is wrong, don’t be worried; you can just shake off the past like dust and get out of it” - that very thing will give you such courage, such enthusiasm, will open new possibilities and new doors. And you are freed from it. You immediately move beyond it.

From this came the idea of Christian confession. It does not work that way, because the man you go to confess to is an ordinary man just like you. When you are confessing, the priest is not really forgiving you, he may be condemning deep down. His forgiveness is just a show. He is an ordinary man, he has no higher consciousness than you. Only from the higher can forgiveness flow. Only from the high mountains can the rivers flow towards the plains. Only from a Jesus or a buddha, can forgiveness flow. And when there is a man like Jesus or Buddha, just his touch, just his look is enough to forgive you your whole past and all your karmas.

I totally agree with Jesus. He brings a new vision to humanity: to attain to freedom. The Hindu, the Jaina, the Buddhist concept is very ordinary and mathematical. It has no magic in it. It is very logical but it has no love in it. Jesus brings love to the world.

Enough for today.