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Chapter 5: Be Ready

Sheela: I have some champagne, some cigars.

That’s good.

Sheela: What would you care for?

Good. Keep them by my side.

Sheela: The silver ones are Brazilian and the others Romeo and Juliet Havanas.

Good. Yes..

Howard Sattler

6PR Radio, Australia

You have the champagne, I have the water. You say you’re an ordinary man. Where does that place the rest of us?

You will be drinking water and I will not be touching the champagne. There is the difference.

You and particularly your Rajneeshees have created quite an impact on Western Australia - where I come from - through a lot of things: their commercial endeavors and their efforts to start a community school in our southwest. The people of Western Australia want to know about you, about your people. Could you tell them what sort of person you are?

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