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Chapter 6: To Be or Not to Be

Greed is ready to do anything, and greed goes on changing its face. And you have to be aware of the ways of greed, ego. The moment the greed and the ego and the ambitiousness of your mind fall through understanding - jut through understanding, not through any effort - individuality arises, spirituality arises. It has been there all along, just covered; it has to be discovered. It has not to be achieved - it is not far away somewhere else - it is within you. The solution of solutions is within you. It is in your meditativeness, in your state of no-mind.

And please, don’t hope for any miracle. New people who come here come with the idea of fulfilling their greed their desire, by some miracle. Miracles happen only in stories and nowhere else.

I am not a magician and I am not a miracle worker. I am out and out an ordinary person. If you want to be ordinary, be here with me. If you want to have some extraordinary spiritual status, then go somewhere else. The only miracle I know of is to be absolutely ordinary. Not desiring to be anybody else is the greatest miracle. All other miracles are only in stories.

A young couple checked into a hotel room for the first night of their honeymoon. The young bride shyly went into the bathroom to change into her nightgown. Catching sight of her skinny body in the mirror she sighed and said sadly, “I wish I had a set of forty-fours!”

Zap! Crash! Poof! Suddenly she had tits out to here.Excitedly, she ran into the bedroom to tell her new mate.

“It is incredible!” she blurted. “There is a magic mirror in the bathroom that gave me these beautiful boobs!”

The husband could not wait to try his luck, so, standing in front of the mirror, he said, “Magic mirror, I want a prick that will touch the floor when I am standing up!”

Kabang! Scrunch! Poof! And there he was - standing on four-inch legs!”

Enough for today.