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Chapter 8: I Am the Gate

The whole concept of Hitlerian philosophy was given by a hidden school: they used him just as Krishnamurti was going to be used by the theosophists and by the hidden group. Hitler continued winning up to a certain extent, up to a certain moment. He was just winning.there was no defeat. The thing was phenomenal: he could just win anything, it looked as if he was undefeatable. But at a certain time everything began to go in reverse. Why did this happen?

Forces that were against Nazi Germany think that they - only they - defeated Hitler. But that is not the real history: that was just an outward phenomenon. Hitler was used by an esoteric group. This was one of the most desperate efforts - because these esoteric groups had been working for centuries, but could not help humanity as they desired to. This was a desperate effort to help humanity before humanity destroyed itself on this earth. They had tried through saints, through persons who were powerless, who were poor in spirit. They tried through Adolf Hitler to win the whole world before it is destroyed - and to give a certain teaching to humanity.

But just as Krishnamurti became independent at the last moment, Hitler became independent. The moment he became independent he began to go down. This is a miracle of war history: it had never happened before. Hitler would not take the advice of any of his generals - whenever he would move or attack, no advice would be taken from any general. He would act and move as he liked - even against the advice of all his trained persons - and still he would win, still he would win. Absurd moves, nonsensical moves..

No one who knows anything about war would have made those moves. But Hitler would make them and win. So, within three years, everyone who was around him knew that he was just a vehicle of some greater force, otherwise it was not explainable. Whenever he would make an order, he would not be in his conscious mind. This is a new fact which has become known now: whenever he would make an order he would be ecstatic. His eyes would be closed, he would begin to tremble, he would perspire - and then his voice would change completely. Another voice would order. But the day he began the fall, his own voice began to make the orders. From that point - from that moment - he was never in ecstasy. Some contact that had been working was lost.

Now, those who study Adolf Hitler and his life, all feel that the phenomenon was not merely political. The person himself was not just a political maniac, not just a mad politician, because whatsoever he did was absolutely nonpolitical - his whole approach. And those who had remained with him felt that he had a split personality. In his ordinary moments he was so ordinary that you could not conceive of it. There was no magic, he was just ordinary. But when he was taken over, or possessed, he was an altogether different personality.

Who was behind it? Some esoteric group was behind it, and that esoteric group was trying something. When Hitler became independent he lost all power, he was just ordinary. In his last days he was just ordinary. After the moment when he lost contact, whatsoever he did went against him - whatsoever. Before that, whatsoever he did went always in his favor.

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