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Chapter 10: The Original Signature

The first question:

Surely meditation is for mystics. Why do you propose it for ordinary people and their children?

First, I have never come across an ordinary person; they do not exist. They are only created by egoistic people. The egoist has to create the ordinary - that is the only way the ego can exist, persist. Not a single human being is ordinary because each human being is so unique. Each human being is created by God - how can he be ordinary? God never creates the ordinary. All his creation is rare. Each individual is so unique that he is never repeated. You never were before, you will never be again. You cannot find anybody who is just like you.

Forget about human beings. Not even animals, not even trees, not even pebbles on a seashore, not even two pebbles, are alike. Wherever you find God’s signature, it is always the original, never the ordinary.

God is not a manufacturer, he is a creator. He does not manufacture people like cars on an assembly line. You can have many Ford cars exactly alike - that’s the difference between a machine and a man. A machine can be duplicated, a man cannot be duplicated, and the moment you start duplicating, imitating, you become more like a machine - then you are no longer respectful towards your humanity. That’s how robopathology is created.

You ask me, “Surely meditation is for mystics.” It is for mystics, surely, but everybody is a born mystic - because everybody carries a great mystery within him which has to be realized, everybody carries a great potentiality which has to be actualized. Everybody is born with a future. Everybody has hope. What do you mean by a mystic? A mystic is one who is trying to realize the mystery of life, who is moving into the unknown, who is going into the uncharted, whose life is a life of adventure, exploration.

But every child starts that way - with awe, with wonder, with great inquiry in his heart. Every child is a mystic. Somewhere on the way of your so-called growing you lose contact with your inner possibility of being a mystic and you become a businessman, or you become a clerk, or you become a collector, or you become a minister. You become something else. And you start thinking that you are this. And when you believe it, it is so.

My effort here is to destroy your wrong notions about yourself and to liberate your mysticism. Meditation is a way of liberating the mysticism, and it is for everybody - without any exception. It knows no exception.

“Surely meditation is for mystics. Why do you propose it for ordinary people and their children?”

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