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Chapter 1: Here It Is.

Zen can attract only very intelligent people. Any fool can be attracted by the idea of physical immortality or siddhis like.. Now Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has found the siddhi of flying. Now what you will do by flying? Mm? You will look simply stupid! Just think of yourself flying in this Buddha Hall.and if your pajamas slip down.so holding your pajamas and trying to fly! And everybody will be pulling on it! What is the point of it all? Even if you can fly, where are you going to land?

But all kinds of nonsense continue in the name of religion. The more nonsensical, the more impossible it looks, the more it attracts the neurotic people. Simple truths don’t attract the neurotic people.

What I am doing here is very simple, very ordinary, nothing spiritual in it, nothing sacred. I am not trying to make you holy persons, I am simply trying to make you sane, intelligent, ordinary people who can live their lives joyously, dancingly, celebratingly. And that is Tao.

Chao Chou then asked, “How can one approach it?”

That’s the logical mind always asks: “How?” If you say, “It is the ordinary mind,” still the logical person will ask, “How one can approach it?” The logical mind goes on missing the point. If it is the ordinary mind, then there is no question of approaching it; it is already there. You have it, it is already the case. But your mind goes on and on, again and again, in roundabout ways, to the same point. You have always asked, “How to achieve it?” If somebody was saying that you can achieve siddhis, powers, you immediately asked, “How?”

Now, Nan Chuan is not saying about anything special. He is saying: The ordinary mind which you already have.there is no questions of “how” and there is no question of approaching it. You have never lost it, you have simply forgotten about it. It has become covered; you have only to uncover it.

Nan Chuan replied, “If you want to approach it, you will certainly miss it.”

If you want to approach it, that is a sure sign that you are going to miss it because we approach things which are far away, we approach things which are not available, we approach things which are objects in the outside world.

The ordinary mind is your subjectivity; you cannot approach it. Who is going to approach it? You are it! There is no separation between you and the ordinary mind. You are creating now a new illusion of separation, hence the question, “How to approach it?” Now you have divided the subject - the one who will approach - and the object - the one which has to be approached. Of course, then the question arises, “What means have to be employed?”

And the whole thing is meaningless. No means has to be employed, no methods are needed. A simple understanding that you are born with it is enough. But the logical mind persists. The disciple goes on asking, “If you do not approach it, how do you know it is the Tao? We have to approach it, study it, understand it, find it, then only we can know that this is Tao.”

Nan Chuan says: