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Chapter 5: Mind Games

That was arranged - a mock show. And it worked. He was beaten hard, really beaten. But when they were beating him he was looking at me and saying, “Look. It is happening as I said, and nobody listened to me!” He was feeling a deep satisfaction also in it, that finally he was proved right. When they were putting chains on him, he winked at me, and he said, “Look at the file: my name.” But he was shocked. Then I bribed the police, the file was burned and the matter closed.

While watching him for one month continuously I became aware that he is not in any way different from ordinary human beings. No qualitative difference, just the difference of quantity, degrees. He may be at the topmost rung of the ladder, you may be just in the middle, and somebody may be just in the beginning; but the difference is of degrees, not of quality. Whosoever has a mind is mad in some way or other. Mind IS madness. But you may be mad, and you may not know it, because all others are mad to the same degree. You fit together; there is no problem.

There is an old Sufi story: It happened that a witch came to a capital town. She threw something into the well, chanted a mantra, and said, “Whosoever will drink the water from this well will go mad.” The capital had only two wells: one for the ordinary humanity, another was in the palace for the king and the prime minister.

Of course, people had to drink, knowing well that they will go mad. But there was no other way - that was the only well. They were not allowed to go to the palace to get water from there.

So the whole town by the evening, when the sun was setting, became mad. But nobody was aware, because when everybody goes mad, how can you be aware of it? As hippies say, everybody was doing his own thing. People were dancing naked, crying, screaming; women were running naked on the streets. People were doing all sorts of yogas.somebody standing on his head, somebody doing other asanas - the whole town was in a nightmare. Much rejoicing was going on. People were celebrating and jumping and screaming - the whole town was awake!

Only the king and the prime minister were sad, very sad: “What to do? The whole town has gone mad, and poor souls, they are not even aware of it because when everybody goes mad, how to judge?” In fact, the prime minister and the king became suspicious of their own sanity. Maybe the madness had happened to them, because the whole town seemed blissfully unaware. Thousands of people, and they had all gone mad, and nobody thought that anybody was mad.

In that town of course the king and the prime minister became suspicious of themselves: maybe the madness had happened to them! And by midnight there was great trouble, because the whole town gathered and the town also became aware that something had gone wrong with the king and the prime minister. A rumor spread that the king and prime minister had gone mad. And of course everybody agreed.

They surrounded the palace. The guards were mad, the police were mad, the army was mad, so there was no protection, and they started demanding, “Either you come back to your senses, otherwise we will dethrone you.”

The king said, “What to do?”

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