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Chapter 2: The Brash Student

Remember, just by repeating the Gita, don’t think anything is going to happen, although the words are the same, and Krishna said the same words you are repeating. All over the world thousands of Christian missionaries go on repeating the same words that Jesus spoke. Those words are dead. It is better not to repeat them, because the more you repeat them, the more stale they become. It is better not to touch them, because your very touch is poisonous. It is better to wait. When you attain to a Christ-consciousness, or a Krishna-consciousness, or a Buddha-consciousness, then you will begin to flower, then things will start coming out of you - never before. Don’t be a gramophone record.because then you can only repeat, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Dokuon had been sitting quietly smoking his pipe..

A very beautiful man - he didn’t even bother. He didn’t interrupt, he simply continued smoking his pipe.

Remember, only Zen masters can smoke a pipe, because they are not pretenders. They don’t bother what you think about them - they don’t bother! They are people at ease with themselves. You cannot think of a Jaina muni smoking a pipe, or a Hindu sannyasin smoking a pipe - impossible. These are men of rules, regulations, they have forced themselves into disciplines. No need to smoke a pipe if you don’t want to, but if you want to, then don’t force something dead upon yourself, because that desire will remain hidden somewhere, and that desire will disturb. And why? If you want to smoke a pipe, why not smoke it? What is wrong in it? You are as false as the pipe and the smoke, and the smoke and the pipe are as true as you.

But why not? Deep down you want to be extraordinary, not ordinary. Smoking a pipe will make you very ordinary. This is what ordinary people are doing: smoking a pipe, drinking tea and coffee, and laughing and joking - this is what ordinary people are doing. You are a great saint - how can you do ordinary things in an ordinary way? You are extraordinary.

To pose extraordinariness you drop many things. Nothing is bad in dropping them - if you don’t like them, it’s okay. There’s no need to force yourself to smoke a pipe just to say that you are ordinary, no need.because this is how the mind goes! No need to do anything if you don’t want to, but if you want to then don’t pose, don’t try to have a mask of seriousness. Then be simple. Nothing is wrong if you are simple; everything is wrong if you are not simple.

This man Dokuon must have been a simple man:

Dokuon had been sitting quietly smoking his pipe

very meditative, just relaxing, listening to this pretender -

and saying nothing. Suddenly, he picked up his staff and gave Yamaoka a terrible whack.

Zen masters carry a staff for such people. They are very gentle people, but very authentic, and there are people who will not listen to words, who can listen only to a whack. If you talk to them, they won’t listen, they will talk still more. They need shock treatment.