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Chapter 13: The Science of the Esoteric

There are certain points in our body through which our magnetic power moves outward. For example, it flows through our fingers. Actually, in order for this energy to flow outward it needs a pointed thing to pass through. It can’t flow out of anything circular - there it keeps turning around. It flows out of the toes as well. So hands and feet are the two main outlets from where this power flows out. That’s why in siddhasana, or in padmasana, the hands and feet are meant to be joined together so that the energy flows from one hand to the other and does not move out.

Eyes are another big opening from where the magnetic power flows out. However, this power stops flowing if one can manage to keep them half-closed. You will be amazed to know that the energy flows not only when eyes are wide open but also when they are fully closed. It doesn’t flow when the eyes are half-open. When the eyes are half-open and half-closed, a situation occurs in which the circuit created inside the eyes is broken. The energy wants both to move out and stay in. The energy is divided within - half wants to flow out, while the other half wants to move in. Both oppose and negate each other. Hence, the half-open eyes became very significant - in Tantra, in Yoga, and so on.

If the energy is conserved from all sides and the individual is aware of his opposite body within, the other is not needed. However, once in a while things happen accidentally. In the state of meditation, for example, a moment comes when without the person’s knowledge this phenomenon occurs. In such a case help from outside may be taken. But it is not required except under unexpected situations.

As I see it, if husband and wife cooperate with each other, they can become partners in the spiritual sense too. If both understand completely each other’s spiritual states, the magnetic and electric forces of each other, and cooperate, they can have the inner experience much more easily than a male or a female sannyasin can have it alone. Besides the fact that both come to know each other closely, their magnetic power finds a deep adjustment as well.

Hence one experiences a very strange thing. If a man and a woman are deeply in love, feel very close to each other, are very intimate, have no conflict, they begin to reflect each other’s vices and virtues. So much so that if the couple is very much in love, their voices begin to resemble, their facial expressions look similar. A harmony between their personalities begins to show up. In fact, the electricity they contain within enters into each other. By and by both become homogeneous. But this is not possible if a discord exists between them. So it is useful to keep in mind that man and woman can be helpful to each other. The conjugal relationship between husband and wife is not limited merely to sex - it can become a relationship to experience samadhi as well.

It’s also worth noting in this regard that generally, a sannyasin looks very attractive. No ordinary person attracts women as much as he does. There is no other reason for this except that a male sannyasin contains a great reservoir of magnetic forces. Similarly, compared to an ordinary woman a female sannyasin looks far more attractive to men - for the simple reason that the magnetic power is stored up in her.

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