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Chapter 5: Your Purity Is Absolute

You understand through the mind and the mind gets mixed up, confused, and it interprets, then this saying becomes dangerous. I must tell you that this saying has not been recorded in the authorized version of the Bible. It has been left out, because what he is saying is dangerous. It is recorded, but not in the Authorized Version, not in the Bible Christians believe in. But when Jesus was speaking many other people were recording and this record has survived. It was just found twenty years ago in a cave in Egypt.

All these sayings which we are discussing belong to that recording. They are not from the Authorized Version, because the Authorized Version can never be right; it is impossible. Once you organize a religion the spirit dies; organized, a thing is dead. And then there are also vested interests. How can the pope of the Vatican say: If you fast you will beget sin for yourselves? - then nobody would fast. And if you pray you will be condemned? - then nobody would pray. And if you give alms you will do evil to your spirits? - then nobody would give donations. Then how could this big organization, the church, exist?

Christians have the biggest organization: Catholic priests alone number twelve lakhs, thousands and thousands of churches all over the earth. Catholic Christianity is the richest organization; not even governments are so rich because every government is bankrupt. But the pope of the Vatican is the richest man, with the greatest organization all over the world, the only international state; not so visible, very invisible, but with millions of people working under it.

How can this happen? It all happens through donations, and if Christians learn that Jesus says, “Don’t give, you will do evil to your spirits”? And these churches are made to pray in, so if people come to know that Jesus says, “Don’t pray, otherwise you will commit sin,” who will go to pray there? And if there is no prayer, if there is no fasting, no ritual, no donations, then how can the priests exist? Jesus takes the very foundation out of all organized religion: then Jesus can be there, but there can be no Christianity.

This saying is not recorded in the Authorized Version, it must have been left out. You can also misunderstand it, but if you can feel what I am saying you will understand. He is not against prayer, he is not against fasting, he is not against giving and sharing; he is against your false faces.

The real must come out of your being. First you must change and be transformed, only then whatsoever you do will be good.

Somebody asked Saint Augustine, “What should we do? And I am not a very learned man, so tell me in short, in as few words as possible.”

Augustine said: “Then there is only one thing to be said: Love! And then whatsoever you do will be right.”

If you love, of course, then everything becomes right; but if you don’t love, then everything goes wrong.

Love means be egoless. Love means be centered. Love means remain blissful. Love means be grateful. This is what the meaning is: live through your being, not through your acts, because acts are on the surface, being is in the depth.