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Chapter 5: Character Kills

And he stretched forth his hand
toward his disciples, and said,
“Behold my mother
and my brethren!”

-And then,” Buddha says, “a time comes when the community will also become dead. It will become a sect.” The family of Christ will become Christianity; the family of Buddha, the sangha of Buddha, will become Buddhists: dead, fellow-believers not fellow-seekers. Nobody is going anywhere; they simply believe. The community is not a community at all now. They talk, they discuss, but nobody is ready to risk anything, to search, to inquire.

Then, dhamma. Then you have to take refuge, you have to surrender and take refuge, only in the pure principle of dharma. The pure principle, the basic law - what Lao Tzu calls Tao, what Buddha calls dhamma, what Jesus calls the kingdom of God. Then you have to surrender to the unknown.

It will be difficult because Buddha is visible, you can touch him. And the community is also visible - not as enlightened as Buddha, but some fragments of life, some fragments of light, are carried by the community. You can put them together; a certain light can be created. But when the community has become a sect, a dead religion, an organization not a brotherhood..

Remember, a brotherhood is not an organization. A brotherhood may be organized, but it is not an organization. It is fluid. A brotherhood is organized because of love. Organization is a by-product, a consequence.

But an organization is simply organization. It is forced, solid: not because of love but because of law. Then one has to look to God, whom you cannot see anywhere, whose address is not known, whose whereabouts are absolutely unknown.

Jesus says:

“Behold my mother
and my brethren!”

This is my family, my community, in which I am spreading my being, with whom I am sharing my new life, with whom I am sharing my new vision and my new eyes.

“For whomsoever shall do
the will of my Father
which is in heaven,
the same is my brother,
and sister, and mother.”

-Whosoever is ready to follow the path of God - he is my mother, he is my brother, he is my sister.” Jesus is saying, “Only those who are related to God are related to me. Now, no other relationship is possible.”

Even if Jesus’ mother wants to be related to him again, she cannot be related just because of the old relationship. She will have to seek a new relationship, and that new relationship is possible only if she becomes attuned to God. Only through God, via God, can you be related to Jesus. There is no other way.