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Chapter 20: Enlightened Organization Is Organic Harmony

The first question:

Isn’t organization a necessity for a religion to survive?

Unfortunately, it is.

Religion needs some kind of organization, but the problem arises. Organization in itself is a political entity; organization does not need religion at all. To survive, religion needs organization. To survive, organization needs no religion at all. There is the crux of the whole problem.

There have been in the past efforts to create religion without any organization, seeing that all the organizations somehow end up in being anti-religious. For example, the Catholic Church - it is a very solid organization but only an organization; there is no religion left.

Religion is a disturbance as far as the hierarchy of the organization is concerned. Religion is a continuous trouble; religious people will be trouble.

The Catholic Church has been throwing out all the people who are really religious from the church because those people will not support this criminal act of destroying religion. They will oppose it, they will rebel against it. But the church has so much authority. The head of the church, the pope, is a religious head and also a temporal head; the Vatican is his kingdom, a political nation. Once it was big, vast; now it is only eight square miles, but still he is the temporal head and the spiritual head.

There are religions where the temporal head is separate and the religious head is separate, but then there were problems of conflict. The temporal head has all the power of the army, the law, the state; and the spiritual head has no temporal power. For example in Hinduism, the Shankaracharya is only a spiritual head. But that creates this other problem: a continuous conflict between the state and the religion - and of course the state is powerful.

You have to remember that the higher a thing, the more fragile it is. The lower a thing, the more strong it is. Roots are strong, flowers are not; although roots are meaningless if the flowers disappear - the roots have meaning only because of the flowers. But the tree is not as stupid as man; so there is a harmony between the flowers and the roots, there is no conflict.

Flowers represent the spiritual fragrance, and the roots represent the state, the army and all its power.

The roots can deny food to the flowers and the flowers will die and disappear within no time. But no tree is so stupid: there is a harmony; the roots go on supporting the flowers, the leaves, the branches. And it is not only one-sided. The flowers, the leaves, the branches go on taking rays from the sun and carbon dioxide from the air, and they go on continuously sending them to the roots.

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