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Chapter 3: Only the Buddhas Know How to Flow

When you are not at all, then you are just a hollow bamboo which becomes a flute on the lips of God. Then the song starts flowing. And to sing the song of God, to allow God to sing a song through you, is the greatest joy of life.

The second question:

You often tell us that we lost our awareness of our buddha nature because of conditioning processes of every kind. This far, I can imagine, but if mankind originally had this awareness, how did we lose it in the beginning? How did conditioning start originally? And if existence is just a flowing, why is it important that many people become enlightened? Why do you make the effort, or don’t you make any? And is your being here, and everything, also just a flowing?

To know is one thing and to imagine is totally different. Imagination can deceive you, it can go on giving you false coins. But remember: All that glitters is not gold. Imagination can give you very glittering coins, but they will not be real gold. You will have to know, and my knowing cannot be of any help to you. The moment I share my knowing with you, only imagination will be triggered in you; you will start imagining.

There is no need to ask me why it happened originally; you can go to the origin within yourself and see why it happens. It is not a question of going into the past, going back to Adam and Eve; you have to go within yourself, because it is happening every moment. You are at the source, at the very origin of things, and still you are conditioned. And if you can watch the process within yourself, you will have known the whole of history. Then you will be able to understand the story, the biblical story, which is really beautiful and significant, of how Adam and Eve became conditioned.

It was God the Father who started the whole nonsense..

In the Garden of Eden there were millions of trees, and he pointed out two trees in particular - the fruits from these trees were not to be eaten. One was the Tree of Knowledge, and the other was the Tree of Immortal Life. My feeling is that if God had not prohibited it, Adam and Eve would never have been able to find those two trees in that tremendously vast garden. But because he pointedly said to them, “Don’t eat the fruit from these two trees,” naturally they became obsessed. It must have started their fantasies. They must have started dreaming about those two trees. They must have started thinking, “Why has God prohibited us? There must be something in it.”

I was a small child and my father told me, “Listen, you are mixing with a few people who smoke cigarettes - don’t ever start smoking!”

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