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Chapter 4: Stop and See

I want you to stop and see. Will you do it? In the unconsciousness of your frantic running do you hear my call? Stop and see who it is that is running. Stop and see who it is that is seeking. Stop and see who the “I” is. As soon as the fever of running subsides, all ten directions vanish and only that one direction, that no-direction, remains. It takes you to the root, to the source, to the very origin.

A master used to ask people what they were like before they were born. If you meet that master, what will you say to him? Do you know what you were like before you were born? Do you know what you will be like after your death? If you learn to stop and see, you can know. That which was there before birth, that which will be there after death is there inside you now at this very moment. It is just a matter of turning around a little and looking. Stop and see.

I invite you to travel into this wonderful world.