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Chapter 7: The Flowering of Godliness

“It is transcendental. There is nothing beyond it. It is the ultimate. It is the final abode of all.”

Everyone has to reach to that. That is the ocean into which all the rivers will fall. That ocean is not far away, although it may appear to be far away. And howsever long it may take for you to reach the ocean, it is never too late. The Ganges is falling into the ocean each moment. Right from her source of origin, Gangotri, her attention is focused on the ocean. And she goes on falling into the ocean, her ultimate destiny. When she falls into the ocean the Ganges and the ocean are no more separate - the Ganges has become the ocean.

Each individual’s ultimate state is the divine. It is godliness, the ocean into which all rivers fall.

Now get ready for meditation.