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Chapter 4: This You Call Civilization?

Why did arithmetic not reach to the point of Albert Einstein in India? It was stopped for the simple reason that our genius should not be wasted in objective things; our genius and our life is too small. It is enough to create a comfortable life outside, and then go inwards. The ultimate journey is inwards. The same was true in China. These are the most ancient civilized countries.

And the original sin - according to Christians - was committed by Adam and Eve. According to me, the original sin was committed by the Christian God.

When he created Eve from the rib bone of Adam he told them both, “In the Garden of Eden, the garden of paradise” - God’s garden was huge, there were millions of trees, and God pointed to two trees - “you should not eat from these two trees.” One tree was of knowledge, the other was of life eternal.

What kind of father is this who prevents his own children from being wise, intelligent? and prevents them from being eternal, from going beyond the circle of life and death? What kind of God is this?

Even the Christian God is not civilized. He does not deserve to be called a father. No father will deprive his children. Every father, even the poorest father, is trying for his children to become educated, to become more intelligent, to become more wise. And every father is trying to pray for his children to have a longer life.

God, as far as Christianity is concerned, is absolutely barbarous. And the devil was right, not God, when he persuaded Eve and told her the reason why God had prohibited them: “These are the most precious trees. If you eat the fruit of knowledge, and if you eat the fruit of eternal life, you will become exactly equal to the gods. That is his fear, because what more has he? He is afraid and jealous of you, and he does not want you to become gods in your own right. He wants you to remain buffaloes chewing grass - real grass.”

I want to tell the Christians of the whole world: If the devil had not inspired Eve, you, your popes, your cardinals, your bishops, archbishops, your Jesus, your Moses - all would be chewing grass in the Garden of Eden, just like buffaloes, utterly content. Only grass was left for them to chew, not even chewing gum!

And it is a strange fact, but the mythology has some truth in it, a shadow of truth. God caught them red-handed, eating the fruit of the tree of wisdom - and it was nothing but an apple. Avoid apples! - that is original sin.

For three years I remained only eating apples, just to see. Because they had eaten only one apple - half was eaten by Eve, and half was eaten by Adam - so I said, “Let us see!”

For three years my family was mad at me: “What are you doing?”

But I said, “I have to complete three years at least, to see how I become a sinner” - and nothing happened! In three years I must have eaten as many apples as any man in the whole of history! Just apples and nothing else.

This is called the original sin, that they did not obey God. And because they committed the original sin of disobedience, you are all original sinners, because you all have come from their blood. They were the original founders of humanity.

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