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Chapter 7: Zen Is Love

.the true nature of all sentient beings, that which existed before our parents were born and hence before our own birth, and which presently exists, unchangeable and eternal. So it is called one’s original face.

Now, something new, the original face, the ultimately original face. This is not a repetition. His old structure of language is broken down. Fragments of it will hang with him for a few days, perhaps more. But by and by they will drop, because the essential is grasped. It is called one’s original face. The buddha is your original face.

This Mind is intrinsically pure.

Now you can see what I mean, the old habits. Again, he brings the word mind in. “The Mind is intrinsically pure.” He should say that the no-mind is intrinsically pure. Mind is the impurity; no-mind is the purity. But he has to learn the ways of expressing as a master. He knows how to express as a teacher but he has now become a master. We can understand his difficulty.

This no-mind is intrinsically pure.

When we are born it is not newly created, and when we die it does not perish. It has no distinction of male or female, nor has it any coloration of good or bad.

The description shows that he has begun to see and feel.

It cannot be compared with anything, so it is called buddha-nature. Yet countless thoughts issue from this self-nature as waves arise in the ocean or as images are reflected in a mirror.

If you want to realize your own Mind.

Please, always replace his word mind with no-mind. I don’t have to remind you again and again. Whenever he says mind - you hear no-mind.

.you must first of all look into the source from which thoughts flow.

He is doing his best to get rid of his old scholarship and to bring a freshness to his expression, and once in a while he succeeds.

You must first of all look into the source from which thoughts flow. Sleeping and working, standing and sitting, profoundly ask yourself.

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