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Chapter 3: Wisdom Is an Awakening

How can you think about truth? You can think only about something you already know. Thinking can exist only within the boundary of the known. Truth is not known yet - how can you think about the unknown? The unknown cannot be thought about, the unknown has to be experienced.

But people go on thinking about truth, about God, about love. People go on thinking about things which have to be experienced and not thought about. But you have been told, “Become great thinkers and you will attain to truth.” And a thinker is just a biocomputer, a thinker is never original. And you must have heard about original thinkers: there have never been any original thinkers. Thinking is not original so how can the thinker be original?

Experience is original. Yes, it is from the origins, it is original. Thinking is never original, it is always borrowed - but you can believe that you have come across an original thought. You may have simply forgotten where you had read it, you may have forgotten from where you had got it. If you search a little bit deeply you will find from where it had come into you.

All thoughts have come from the without. Experience arises within. The without has replaced the within, thinking has replaced experiencing. But one can pretend: one can mix one thought with another and can create a composition and will think it is original. It is not.

I have heard.

A man was sitting on his porch rocking back and forth. He seemed to be having a long discussion with himself. Every once in a while he broke into loud laughter. At other times he shouted “Phooey!” in disgust.

A policeman passing by stopped to watch the man and asked him what was going on. “I’m telling myself jokes,” the man told him. “And if I say so myself, most of them are very funny.”

“Then why do you keep saying ‘phooey’?” the policeman asked.

“I only say that when I’ve heard them before.”

That’s what you are doing, that’s what everyone is doing. All the so-called original thinking is just nonsense. Thinking is never original, thought is always borrowed. It comes from the outside, no thought is yours.

But people start fighting, because they say, “I have to fight for my thought, for my ideology, for my religion, for my philosophy.” The Christian fights, the communist fights, the Hindu fights - for what? They have been persuaded to believe that “This thinking is yours, this philosophy is yours.” No thinking is yours and no ideology is yours. You have been deceived - but you can remain in this deception because you are unconscious.

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