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Chapter 12: Get Disturbed

It is your unconscious that crops up in moments when there is a certain situation - and here the situation is available. My people live out of freedom - that’s my only discipline. They are not slaves to any moral code. They are religious people and you are not religious at all, whatsoever your so-called Hindu, moral and religious upbringing. You are not religious at all; you are simply carrying ideas implanted by others in your head. You may have a conscience, but you don’t have a consciousness. A conscience is a creation by others and a consciousness is a discovery by oneself.

My sannyasins are making every possible effort to throw out all the rubbish that their parents, priests and politicians have imposed upon them. That is part of the discipline of freedom: you have to become unconditioned.

Naturally, when conditioned people come they get very much disturbed. Perhaps in their disturbance there is some element of jealousy too - that they have not been so free in their lives. “How do these people dare? They should be prevented immediately! If we have been slaves, then everybody should be a slave!”

But the very desire that others should be disciplined is inhuman, ugly, violent, destructive, animalistic. What does it have to do with religion? Moralistic certainly it is, but morality is of no value at all. Morality simply means others have been telling you what should be done, what should not be done, and you have not been able to rebel against these impositions. They have been telling you, “If you do this, then you will have respectability, then you will have all the pleasures of heaven.” You are greedy and they are exploiting your greed.

They say, “If you don’t follow us then you will fall into hell, hellfire, and for eternity.” And they depict the tortures of hell so colorfully that it shows only one thing: that they have been to hell - nothing else; they have lived there. Their description is so realistic. Just look into your so-called religious scriptures: hell is described in such detail that these so-called saints who are writing these scriptures must have been dwellers in hell and must have lived there really long enough to know all the details - with such minuteness, with such mathematical accuracy. They exploit your fear, they exploit your greed, and your religion or your morality is nothing but hidden greed and fear.

My religion has nothing to do with greed and fear; it is an adventure, a discovery of one’s own true self. And once you have discovered your consciousness, you act in a totally different way. Then your actions have beauty; that beauty I call real morality. But that may fit with the conclusions of others, may not fit. The greater possibility is that it is not going to fit, because what others are telling you is in their interest; it is part of their vested interest. They are trying to make you a slave so that you can serve their purposes.

And when you discover yourself you become a master. You don’t serve anybody else’s purposes, you start living on your own. Every possibility is that your actions may be condemned, that you may be called immoral.

I am called immoral for the simple reason that I don’t support the stupid morality that exists in India. It is just part of the establishment, it is part of the dead past; to carry it is simply to carry a corpse.

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