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Chapter 12: From Italy to Nirvana

In fact, in proving to others that “I am not inferior, I am not ugly,” he is trying to prove it to himself. The others function as a mirror. If the others can say, “Yes, you are great..” But they will say it only when you are powerful, when you are rich; otherwise they are not going to say anything. Who is interested in your ego? They are interested in their egos, but reluctantly, when you have power to destroy, they have to accept.

Adolf Hitler was mad, but nobody in Germany dared to say it. Many felt that he was mad, but the moment he was defeated and committed suicide, many people started writing that they had always felt it. Even his own physicians who had never dared to tell the person himself - at least they were supposed to say the truth, they were the physicians - they had not said that he was sick, badly sick, and not only physiologically but psychologically too.

He suffered from many nightmares, he was constantly afraid of being killed. He was obsessed with the idea that he was going to be killed, so much so that he never got married. He got married only when he had decided to commit suicide, just three hours before. To avoid having a woman in the same room, he never got married - because who knows, the woman may be a spy, an enemy, and while he is asleep she may kill him, poison him. He never trusted even the woman he pretended to love. He had no friends, because to be friendly with someone means to trust, and he was so doubtful.

The politicians are insane, but we teach our children to be politicians. We teach our children the same culture that has tortured us, the same values that have been heavy on us, that have only proved to be subtle chains, imprisonment. But we go on conditioning our children. The same education that has destroyed our grace, our innocence - we go on stuffing the same knowledge into our children’s heads. And we go on lying to our children as our parents lied to us.

And this has been going on and on for centuries. How can humanity be healthy, wholesome, relaxed? It is bound to be crazy. Just look what lies you go on telling your children.

A little boy rushed into his mother’s room and said, “Mommy, I had always wanted to ask one question, but today it is very urgent - I want the answer right now.”

The mother was changing her clothes, getting ready to go out, and the son asked, “What are these two things on your chest?”

The mother felt a little embarrassed: How to explain to the child about the breasts?

Now, it is a simple thing to explain, and children are very understanding. It could easily have been explained that they are meant for small children to get their nourishment, and the thing would have been finished then and there. But we have become accustomed to such lies - and the mother immediately invented a lie.

She said, “These are balloons. When a woman dies, God puffs up these balloons. They become bigger and bigger and bigger, and then the woman’s body starts rising towards heaven.”

The child said, “Now I know what is happening.”

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