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Chapter 3: The Paradise of Yourself

I want you to drop everything that has been given to you with all good intentions - that does not matter. Those good intentions don’t have any weight but they have made you judgmental.

So immediately, without knowing, without understanding, without experiencing, you come to a judgment. The judgment comes immediately, so quickly that if you are not alert enough you are not going to be able to get rid of them. They are just waiting there in your mind, in your storage of the memory. The moment you see something, the moment you hear something, immediately comes the judgment: “It is right, it is wrong. It is according to my mind, hence I agree with it.”

But if you are agreeing according to your mind you are not agreeing, you are simply getting your mind to become stronger.

The function of the master is a very delicate one. He has to take away all your mind, slowly, slowly so that a certain pure space exists in your mind. Then only have you the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. Then everything goes deep, without any obstacles, to your very center of being.

Everything in existence is nourishing.

Everything in existence has its own purpose, it is fulfilling its own job. That which you deny according to your borrowed knowledge is needed by existence, otherwise it would not have been there. Anything that is happening anywhere must have some support from existence, otherwise it will simply drop dead.

Life needs variety. Just think of a world where everybody is a saint - it will be the worst world, the most boring. And the boredom will become so heavy that it will create only one desire: how to finish yourself, because you cannot finish all the saints. Only you can commit suicide to get out of that boredom. If all the people were of the same size and had the same faces.howsoever beautiful the faces, howsoever beautiful the personalities, if they were all the same, carbon copies of carbon copies, you would be utterly bored. Knowing one woman you would know all women, finished - there is no opportunity to have another experience. Knowing one man you would have known all men.

And that is not right because every man is different and every woman is different. Every rose is different from other roses, every flower is different from other flowers.

Just now, as I was getting ready to come here, taking my bath, the cuckoos in my garden were really going cuckoo! But I wondered that every cuckoo has its own song to sing. I could make out clearly how many cuckoos there were. Their song was different, their sound was different.

Existence takes care of variety.

Sinners are also needed in this world - they make life more cheerful. Saints are also needed as an example that you should not follow them. They are as dead as dodos. They are good examples to avoid. Sinners are nice people. I have never seen a sinner sad and I have never seen a saint joyful. It is strange, it should have been otherwise if religions were true. But religions are not true.

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