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Chapter 12: Today We Claim the Rainbow

In the whole world there is nobody else who has ninety Rolls Royces. So whether I have ninety or ninety-one does not make any difference: I am already on the top! And now, after ninety Rolls Royces, one more Rolls Royce - what value can it have to me? And for that one Rolls Royce I will commit suicide? She is going almost insane. She looks on the television completely drugged. If she has any courage, she should come here - no harm will be done to her. She should just face me, and let it be known to the whole world.

Before me, she becomes just a mouse, starts crying and weeping - the same ancient female technology. It has happened so many times - crying and weeping and sobbing, so that just to get rid of her, I would say, “Okay, do whatever you want to do.”

Just last night it happened - one interviewer went on and on, on and on. There seemed to be no end to his questions; he had almost a whole book of questions. Just to stop him somewhere.. It was getting to be ten at night, and he asked, “Do you agree with Socrates and his dictum, ‘Know thyself’?”

I said, “I absolutely agree.” And I had to stand up and tell him that I had to agree, otherwise this interview would never end! Otherwise, who is going to agree with that old Socrates, who was a homosexual?

But to bring up all that would mean the interview would continue: Is homosexuality the way to know thyself? Socrates is the most prominent homosexual the world has known. And now that we know about AIDS, he will have to take the responsibility for it. Knowing thyself turned into a very dangerous disease, AIDS. But to finish the interview.. It had become almost a torture; for three hours..

And that was the situation with Sheela. How can she manage to face me? And if she was courageous enough to face me, at least she would have come to say good-bye to me. She did not even come to say good-bye to me. She escaped like a thief, a murderer. She has degraded, in my eyes, the status of womanhood.

She could do anything. She married an American and, without divorcing him, or even telling him that she was divorcing him, she then married a Swiss sannyasin, so that when she escaped from here she had a home in Switzerland. This is bigamy - a big crime.

When she became aware there that she had committed a crime, she rushed to Nepal - a small Himalayan kingdom in India, very poor, with perhaps the poorest people in the world, where you can give a small bribe to any magistrate and you can get a back-dated divorce.

So now she has a Nepalese back-dated divorce. Strange - why should one go to Nepal for a back-dated divorce? It was necessary. You cannot get, in any cultured country, a back-dated divorce so easily. And when you are married to an American husband, you should divorce him in America. There are possibilities - there are states where you can go and get a divorce. But she could not come back to America. The American husband perhaps still does not know that he is divorced. The poor fellow still believes that he is her husband!

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