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Chapter 27: The Future Religio

So it has been a great experience from all aspects. I had gone into silence again just to see whether you can understand me in silence or not, whether you can be with me in silence or not. And most of you were totally with me, happily, joyfully. It did not matter whether I was silent or speaking. It was not a matter of mind; it has become a question of the heart.

I had to come out of the silence because a few people started misusing, exploiting my people for their own ends, for their own lust for power. The commune was a great experiment, but because of a few traitors, the government was capable of destroying it; otherwise even the most powerful government of the world would not have been able to destroy it. It is always the traitors within you which allow the political powers to destroy. But as far as I am concerned, that too was good.

Anything that has happened to me has been good.

Perhaps because of my way of looking at things I cannot see otherwise.

Now we can create small schools around the world as a final phase of my work. I am simply in search of a place where they can just let me settle, and a few people can come and go to visit me - so whatever has remained to be said can be said to you before I enter again into silence. There is too much to be said yet.

Perhaps the vested powers are afraid that I am coming close to saying things which may be more dangerous to their existence than nuclear weapons.

One of the Dutch publishers, who has published a dozen books of my discourses in Dutch, had written me a letter a few months before: “Now you are talking dangerously. We cannot risk our publication. We are business people; we could manage what you were saying before, but now it is beyond us. So I will not be publishing any more books, and I want to be completely dissociated from you. I am also not going to reprint those ten books, and if sannyasins want they can take all those books at cost price. Otherwise, I will keep them in the warehouse but they will not be sold; I simply don’t want to be associated with your name.”

What he is saying is meaningful. All these governments are feeling the same. All the religions are feeling the same. They would like me to stop because I am coming close to saying things which they have been hiding from humanity.

For that I don’t need thousands of people. I just need a small group like you with whom I can be totally in tune and say whatever I have always wanted to say. I have been holding back many things; now I don’t want to hold anything - there is no reason to - because all that they could do against me they have done. I just want to settle in a small place with a small group, and people can come and go silently. There is no need to make any noise.

And whatever I say, all that is needed is to publish it in all the possible languages. That will be your main work, because now you will not find publishers to publish it. Now we will have to publish it with our own resources: we will have to translate ourselves, publish ourselves, make arrangements for the marketing. And that great responsibility falls on you.

The word should reach. People may understand today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow - that doesn’t matter - but one day they will understand it.

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