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Chapter 10: Every Buddha Enriches the Universe

Hence the attitude of religious people toward their masters is of deep gratitude. Without a buddha they would not have been possible.

Without me you would not have been here; without previous buddhas, even Buddha was not possible. It is a great chain, the chain of existence - and everything is linked with everything else. It is a great pattern, nothing is separate.

Even Buddha pays his respects to the past buddhas. Somebody asked him, “Why? You have become enlightened. Why do you pay respect? Nobody is higher than you. To whom are you paying respect?” Buddha said, “Because of them I am what I am. Without them the possibility would not have been there. They created the ladder, they became the rungs, and I have progressed through them. They are my past. This moment of enlightenment has come because of the whole past.”

You are the past - be grateful to it; you are the future also - be hopeful about it. You are a link. In you the whole existence passes this very moment into the future.

The second question:

You have spoken, with regard to Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, about the seven types of people. You say that you are currently studying through us these seven types of man. Can you give us examples of these, their psychologies, and how you must work with us to help us attain our buddha-selves?

Gurdjieff has given a beautiful classification of man. Whenever anybody would ask him about man he would immediately stop and say, “Don’t ask about man. First tell me the number. Man number one? Man number two? Man number three? Man number four? Or man number five? Which man do you mean when you say man?”

He had seven “mans.” And he was perfectly right. Nothing can be said about man because nothing exists like man. A few are man number one, a few are man number two, a few are man number three.

These first three are simple to understand because you all belong to them. The man who lives in his body is man number one. You can find him everywhere. He lives for the body; he does not eat to survive, he survives to eat. That is the first number.

Number two man is emotional; he lives through his emotions - always excited or depressed, moving up and down. When people come to me and I ask them how things are going they say, “Up and down.” Number two man. Sometimes he feels very, very good, euphoric, and sometimes he is as dull as death; sometimes he is in hell and sometimes in heaven; sometimes laughing so beautifully and sometimes crying in an ugly way. This second type of man is also available everywhere. You need not go very far, he may be within you.

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