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Chapter 2: Sanity Is Just Boring

Do you think these birds who go on chitchatting ever bother whether they are right or wrong? Spring comes and trees are burdened with flowers and fruits. Do they brag? Their acceptance is so total that in their acceptance and totality, no question arises at all. This is their beautiful craziness.

Craziness has something tremendously interesting.

Sanity is just boring. If by some misfortune you happen to be with some sane person for a few hours, he will start driving you insane.

I have a story: When India and Pakistan were divided, there was a big madhouse just on the border. Nobody was interested in the madhouse, whether it goes to Pakistan or to India, but it had to go somewhere. And because no politicians were interested, finally the superintendent gathered all the mad inmates and asked them, “Do you want to go to India or to Pakistan?” They said, “We are perfectly happy here. We don’t want to go anywhere.”

The superintendent tried hard to explain to them that, “You will not have to go anywhere. You will remain here, but just tell me where you want to go - to India, or to Pakistan?” Those crazy people said, “Have you gone crazy? You are saying, ‘You will remain here.’ And still you are asking, ‘Where are you going - to India or to Pakistan?’ We don’t want to go anywhere. We are perfectly happy here.”

The superintendent tried in every way, but he himself started feeling a little dizzy because what they were saying seemed to be absolutely right: if they don’t have to go anywhere, then what is the problem? They are perfectly happy.

Finally it was decided.because they could not be convinced, they could not even be explained to; they were all laughing and enjoying the whole thing - what kind of stupidity is this? So finally the superintendent decided to divide the madhouse into two parts.

A big wall was raised in the middle; those who were living on the other side became citizens of Pakistan and those who were living on this side became citizens of India. And I have heard that still those madmen climb up the wall and talk to each other, and they say, “This is strange. We are where we used to be always, and now you have gone to Pakistan and we have gone to India. It seems the whole world has gone insane. By great fortune, it is good that we are inside and not outside; outside it seems everything has gone insane.”

They are still meeting on the wall, laughing and enjoying, that this is a wonderful experience. Everything is as it used to be, everybody is in his own room - just a wall has been added in the middle. Those mad people seem to be certainly more sane than the people outside in the world. We go on drawing lines dividing countries, making new countries, fighting for new countries - and we are where we are.

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