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Chapter 4: A Madman’s Path

The second question:

You tell us that awareness is enough. Then why discourses, groups, sannyas?

How did you come to know that awareness is enough? I have to say it again and again - that awareness is enough, that no discourse is needed. But even that has to be told to you: that nothing is needed. But you are so asleep, you won’t come upon the truth by yourself and you won’t come upon the truth even if repeated thousands of times.

Now see the trick of your mind: it is not that you have understood that awareness is enough. On the contrary, you have understood that discourses are not needed, groups are not needed, sannyas is not needed. See the tricky mind, the cunning mind, which goes on creating new hells for you. You missed the point and you have misinterpreted the whole thing.

Discourses are to tell you that words won’t do, but even to say that words won’t do, words are needed. There is no other way, because you understand only words.

Buddha used to tell a parable:

A man had gone to the market. When he came back his house was on fire. His children were playing inside the house, absolutely oblivious of the fact that the house was on fire. It was a big house and they must have been in the innermost part of the house.

He shouted from the outside, because he was afraid to enter the house, but the children wouldn’t listen. A great crowd gathered. Then he said to the children, “Come out! See what I have brought for you - many toys. I have brought all the toys that you had asked me for, beautiful toys!”

The children came running out of the house - and he had not brought a single toy! They started asking, “Where are the toys?”

He said, “Look at the fire! I have not brought any toys, but this was the only way to bring you out of the house. The house is on fire! I shouted ‘The house is on fire!’ and you laughed and giggled. You thought I was playing a joke or something. Yes, I have lied to you that I have brought toys for you, but the lie has worked as a strategy - it has helped you to come out. It has served a great purpose.”

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