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Chapter 3: Love beyond Good and Evil

There is only one step, and that step is of direction, of dimension. Either we can be focused outside or we can close our eyes to the outside and let our whole consciousness be centered within. And you will know, because you are a knower, you are awareness. You have never lost it, you simply got your awareness entangled in a thousand and one things. Withdraw your awareness from everywhere and just let it rest within yourself, and you have arrived home.


There was no need to say yes because I have seen it in your eyes. I have heard it when you were sitting near me, although you have not uttered it.

Since you have come to me there has never been a no in you. And it is strange, because your type is no-type! You have said no to everything, and perhaps that is the reason that your no is finished. You don’t have any no anymore, and you have come to the person with whom you can connect only through yes.

To be with a master is to be in a yes attitude. That’s what I mean by receptivity, openness, vulnerability. But I know that you want to say it, thinking perhaps I may not be aware. I am absolutely aware of those people whose heartbeat is saying yes.

There are people who are still in two minds - sometimes yes, sometimes no. There are also people who are attached to their no too much - but I don’t count them, they are not my people. Only those whose yes is unconditional, absolute, categorical, are my people.

And you are fortunate. You belong to my people.