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Chapter 7: The Center of the Cyclone

The magistrate said, “I am surprised. When you have lived for sixty-five years continuously together, what is the reason to apply for a divorce now?”

Mulla Nasruddin said, “My lord, enough is enough!”

With our mind also a point must be reached when you can say, “Enough is enough.” We have lived with our minds for lives together, for millennia, but still the point has not been reached when we can say enough is enough. We are still not aware that our whole misery, the whole hell that we call life, is because of our mind and the identification with it.

There is no need to leave the world. The only religious requirement is to leave the mind, because the mind is the world. Sometimes we get bored, frustrated, fed up - not with mind, but with a particular mind. Then we change it, but the change is not for no-mind. The change is again for another mind.

And that very thing happened with Mulla Nasruddin. His divorce was allowed, it was granted, and he was thinking, “When I am freed from my wife I will be free at last, and then I can sleep at ease.” But he couldn’t sleep that night at all. He was so excited - not that the divorce was such an excitement, but the moment the divorce was allowed he began to think of marrying again.

This is how we go on. He was fed up with this wife, but not fed up with being a husband, not fed up with woman. He was fed up with this woman, not fed up with the mind which creates all these relationships and suffers. And within a week, the rumor was afoot that he was going to marry a girl of seventeen. Everyone became disturbed, the whole village. He had sons, a sixty-five-year-old, grandchildren and children of grandchildren.

His eldest son, who was sixty-five, approached him and said, “Dad, it doesn’t look good to advise you, but to marry a seventeen-year-old girl at the age of eighty-seven, it is just absurd. And the whole village is against it. And, moreover, it is not good for health. It may even prove fatal to life.”

Nasruddin said, “You don’t bother about it. If this girl dies, I will marry again!”

This is how mind goes on working. It is always changing things outside, somewhere else on the periphery, never changing itself.

Our mind is the problem, and the mind is always looking outside, never in. A divorce is needed - not with a particular mind, not with this or that mind, but with mind itself. With minding itself a divorce is needed, and only then do you enter silence.

So what is to be done? You can do two things. One is very ordinary and is done everywhere, that is: don’t try to change this mind but use some technique to drug this mind as it is. Use some technique to drug this mind as it is. No transformation is needed. A mantra is given to you, a method, a certain technique. You do it - with this very mind.

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