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Chapter 13: When the Coin Disappears

Some mystics have been very introverted and silent. In your own case, you appear to be moving both introvertedly and extrovertedly without any difficulty. Please explain how this is possible.

The mind goes on dividing on every level of being. Wherever the mind looks immediately it divides; division, to divide, is the nature of the mind. So we say above and below, we say up and down, we say this world and the other world, we say life and death, we say in and out, extroversion and introversion - but all these divisions are of the mind. The below is part of the above, the beginning of the above; up is nothing but the extension of down. Life and death are not two, but the same energy arising is life, the same energy dissolving is death. Out and in are not two, the division is only mental.

But we exist extrovertedly, we exist outside. The ordinary man exists outside, he never goes in. He moves further and further out, because desires can be fulfilled only in the outside; some object is needed to fulfill them. The object can be found in the outside, there is no object within - there is only subjectivity, there is only you. You need something to fulfill desires, so you move in the world. The out is created because desires are moving outwardly.

Then a moment comes in everyone’s life when you get frustrated with this whole business - desires, the search for them, the objects - and you come to realize that the whole thing is futile. Then the other extreme arises in the mind: “Don’t go out, go in!” Then you simply reverse the whole process. Before you were going out, now you start going in; before you were for the out, now you have become against it.

This type of mind which has become against the world, the out, is just the same man, the same mind, standing on its head. You are standing on your feet, he is standing on his head, but he is the same man, there is no difference. The difference comes into being only when you are not moving at all, neither out nor in, when the division between out and in has dropped.

And this can drop only when you are not. If you are, then you are bound to divide the within and the without. When the ego disappears, which is within? Where is within then? It was around your ego. If ego has disappeared, then where is within and where is without? They were in relation to your ego. When the ego has disappeared, out and in disappear - then there is no introversion and no extroversion. Man exists as extrovert or introvert, but when you transcend the ego you have transcended the man. Then you simply exist - the within and without have become one, the boundaries have disappeared.

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