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Chapter 7: The Treasure Which Endures

The seventh saying:

Jesus said:
The kingdom of the father is like a man, a merchant, who possessed merchandise and found a pearl.
The merchant was prudent. He sold the merchandise and bought the one pearl for himself.
Do you also seek for the treasure which fails not, which endures, where no moth comes near to devour and where no worm destroys.

If you look without, the world of the many exists; if you look within, then the world of one. If you go outside you may achieve much, but you will miss the one. And that one is the very center; if you miss it you have missed all. You may attain much but that much will not count much in the end, because unless one attains to oneself nothing is attained.

If you are a stranger to yourself, even the whole world will not fulfill you. If you have not got into your own being, then all the riches will make you even poorer. This happens: the more riches you have, the more poverty you feel because now you can compare; with outer riches, the inside in comparison looks poorer and poorer and poorer. Hence the paradox of the rich man: the richer he gets, the poorer he feels; the more he has, the more he feels that he is empty, because the inner emptiness cannot be filled by outer things. Outer things cannot enter into your being. The inner emptiness can be filled only when you achieve yourself, when you attain to your being. Make a clear distinction: the world outside is the world of the many, but the one is absent there; and that one is the goal. That one is within you, so if you are searching outside you will miss. Nothing will be of much help; whatsoever you do, you will be a failure.

The mind will go on saying, “Attain that! Then you will be fulfilled.” When you attain it, the mind will again say, “Attain something else, then you will be fulfilled.” The mind will say, “If you are not succeeding it means you are not making enough effort. If you are not reaching, you are not running fast enough.” And if you listen to the logic of the mind - which looks logical but it is not - then you will go on running and running and running, and in the end there will be nothing except death.

The many is the realm of death, the one is the realm of the deathless. The seeker has to be sought, not in outside objects but in your subjectivity; you have to turn within. A conversion is needed, a turning, an absolute about-turn is needed, so the eyes which see outside start seeing within. But how will this happen?

Unless you are totally frustrated with the world, it cannot happen; if even a slight hope remains, you will go on moving. Failure is great and with the failure of the many a new journey starts. The sooner you fail in the outside world the better, the sooner you get totally frustrated the better, because failure in the outside becomes the first step toward the inner.

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