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Chapter 7: Knowledge Is Dangerous

For example: you live in a closed house. You have never been out of it, you have never seen the sun, you have never heard the birds, you have never touched the breeze passing through the trees. You have never been out, never seen the flowers, the rains. You have lived in the closed house, completely closed, not even a window open. Then I come to you, and I would like you to come out and sing with the birds, and dance with the breeze, and be like flowers opening and opening, opening towards the infinite.

But how to tell you about the world which is outside? The language is not there. If I talk about flowers, you will not understand. “Flowers?” you will say. “What do you mean by flowers? First prove that they exist.” How can it be proved if you have not known? - and whatsoever is done to prove it, you can disprove it, you can argue about it. And people who have lived in a closed world are always argumentative - always. The more closed a mind, the more argumentative it is - because it has not known anything which goes beyond argument and logic and reasoning, it is confined. You have lived in darkness - how to talk to you about light and the sunshine and the sunrays?

And you are not alone in your darkness; many exist with you in the darkness. I am there alone talking about flowers and light, and the world outside and the open sky. And not only you but the whole majority will laugh - I have gone mad. “What are you saying? You must have been dreaming,” you will say to me. “Your fantasy,” you will say; “there exists no outside world. This is the only world, there is no other world. What are you talking about?”

And some of you must think that I must have some design, some conspiracy, to take you out and rob you of something - “because there is no outside world! And why is this man continuously trying to prove that there is an outside world? He must have some profit-motive behind it. Don’t be deceived by this man!” That’s how you have behaved with Jesus, Mohammed, Mahavira; that’s how you have always been behaving with people who bring you good news from some other world, who have been messengers of something unknown to you. The majority is with you; you can take a vote, and you can decide what is true and what is not true.

The difficulty is: in what language to talk to you, what parables, what symbols to use? Whatsoever is said will be misunderstood - because anything can be understood only when the experience, the basic experience is there. Even if a slight glimpse has come to you of the outside world, even once - if even from the keyhole you have looked, then there is a possibility. A contact, a communication becomes possible. But you have not looked at all, you have not even dreamed, you have not even imagined. Not even in fantasy has the outside entered in you. You are completely closed. What to do?

I will have to use some device. The device is neither true nor false. It is a ‘po’ device - you cannot say yes, you cannot say no. I will have to use your language and your situation, and I will have to talk to you on your terms, in your terms. It is useless to talk about the flowers - you don’t know. It is useless to talk about the sky - you don’t know. You have completely forgotten that you have wings.

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