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Chapter 10: Nature Loves to Hide

The painter said, “I have not myself traveled yet on this road, but you wait, I will go and see.” And he entered the path, and disappeared beyond the hills, and never came back.

This is what a mystery means.

It says many things without saying anything.

If you move into nature to find where it leads, don’t stand outside it and ask because then nothing can be done; you have to move into it. If you move you will never come back, because the very movement into existence.and you are losing your ego, you are disappearing. You will reach to the goal, but you will never come back to relate the story about it. The painter never came back. Nobody comes back. Nobody can come back, because the more existential you become, the more you are lost.

Existence opens millions of doors for you, but you stand outside and you would like to know something about it from the outside. There is no outside in nature. I would like to repeat these words: there is no outside to nature, everything is inside.because how can anything exist outside nature? The whole is the inner. And the mind is trying the impossible; it is trying to stand outside, to watch, to see what it means. No, you have to participate. You have to move into it and become one, and disperse like a cloud - whereabouts unknown.

Now listen to these words of Heraclitus:

It would not be better
if things happened to men
just as they wish.

Why? Why would it not be better? - because whatsoever you wish will be wrong because you are wrong! How can you wish, desire, something right? To desire something right, you have to be right in the first place. Out of ignorance, whatsoever is desired will lead you to a deeper and deeper hell - because a desire is part of you, it comes out of you. How can anything else come? All that will come will be you. That’s why your desires create problems, more and more. The more you desire, the more problems you create. The more you achieve your desires, the more you are in difficulty. But there is no going back, you have to go on and on and on. Hence the insistence of all the knowers that to meet the existence, the first point is to become desireless.

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