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Chapter 6: Only Now Is

So miserable is the man, most miserable is the man who desires God. The man who is greedy for money is not in such a great mess; he is far more sane - because money can be found only if you desire and work hard for it, compete, struggle. If you desire political power, then be madly after it; that is the only way to attain it. It will not come if you go on sitting in your room waiting for it; it will never knock on your door. You can wait for millions of lives - nobody will come and knock on your door and say to you that you have been chosen to be the prime minister of the country or the president. You will have to fight for it, you will have to be very violent, aggressive; only then is it possible.

But if you go in search of God you will miss. The very search will be the cause of your missing. Where are you going? He is inside and you are going outside. All going is going outside. Go to Jerusalem or Kaaba or Kashi or Girnar or Bodhgaya - wherever you go, it is outside. All going is extrovert. Ingoing is not a going at all.

What is ingoing? When you don’t go outside, you are in. It is not really a going at all; not even a single step has to be taken. There is no space inside where you can walk and go in. When it is said, “Go in,” it is said only metaphorically. What is actually meant is: Stop going out. Stop completely, a full stop, no more going outside. Then suddenly you are in - where else can you be when you are not going outside? When you are not going to Kaaba and to Jerusalem and to Kashi, where will you be? You will simply be inside, you will find yourself inside. Your outgoing was preventing you from finding yourself.

Stop seeking: that is the only way to find God. Stop desiring: that is the only way to find God.

I am giving you an insight, not a religion. And you are not my followers, remember. Nobody here is my follower - friends, of course, but nobody is a follower. The orange color creates the illusion that people are following me. Just to avoid that, I cannot wear orange myself. I love the color, but if I start wearing orange then it will become a logical proof that you are following me. Certainly, you are not following me; I am a white person, you are orange people - what connection can there be?

You are not my followers, but friends. And because I love orange, out of your love you have accepted it. It is not a uniform; it is not that by wearing orange you become part of a certain sect or church. There is no church, no sect. Because I love orange, just out of love for me you are wearing orange. That is just a gesture of love, nothing else.

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