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Chapter 10: Just One Moment.

The first question:

Yesterday you explained that pranayam is the method which expands the bio-energy and pratyahar is to return to the original source. First it is expansion, then it is return to the source. Why is it so?

Because life is made of contradictions, and there is no other way for life to exist. Breath goes out, then goes in - have you ever asked why it is so? When the breath has to go in, then why does it go out? But if the breath remains in and doesn’t come out, then the result will be death and not life. If the breath remains out and doesn’t go in, even then it will be death and not life.

Life is movement, a movement between two opposites. It is like the flowing of a river between two banks. Breath goes out, goes in; comes in then goes out. Every moment it is pranayam, and every moment it is pratyahar. When breath goes out it is pranayam, when the breath goes in it is pratyahar.

If your consciousness gets used to this type of rhythm, if this type of movement goes on in your consciousness, if like this you expand outwards, unlimited, if like this you reach the emptiness inside you - if there is emptiness within and unlimited expanse outside, if you flow constantly between these two banks, only then you will become godly because the divine is like this: empty within, whole outside.

This whole existence is the divine’s pranayam. Creation is pranayam and destruction of the world is pratyahar. When the breath goes out, creation takes place; the breath goes in, the destruction of the world takes place.

If you can understand it properly, then you will see this everywhere in life. Birth is pranayam, death is pratyahar. In birth you expand, in death you shrink, you return, and life is in between the two banks of birth and death. Birth is not life, death is also not life; that which is flowing between birth and death, the unknown which is dancing in the beat, which is engrossed in the rhythm, that is life.

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