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Chapter 1: Beyond Happiness Is Bliss

You don’t know what else you can do with your life. You know only how to create prisons. You know only how to create more misery. You have become really skillful! For centuries, for lives together, you have done only one thing: creating chains, creating misery, creating pain for yourself and for others. You are sadomasochistic; that is your whole art. Either you will torture others or you will torture yourself, but you will torture. You don’t know that life can be a dance, a celebration. You can’t know it till you drop your desiring.

Desire exists like a cloud of smoke around you; you can’t see anything. And you go on giving more fuel, you go on creating more and more smoke around yourself. Your eyes are burning, your eyes are full of tears, you can’t see, but still you think what you are doing is going to help you one day attain all the joys of life. What you are doing to yourself is only going to give you more pain, more misery, more suffering.

You have come out of the hollow
into the clearing.
The clearing is empty.
Why do you rush back into the hollow?

Once in a while, it happens to you too; that you come out of your black hole - the black hole of desiring - into the clearing. Once in a while you can see.

Right now many of you can see that yes.a deep yes arises in you. You know perfectly well that you have been creating your misery, and you don’t want.. It is just that you have become very skillful in the art; you don’t know what else to do so you go on doing it. Without doing it you feel very empty - and you are very afraid of being empty.

For centuries emptiness has been condemned. Emptiness is beautiful. And the foolish people have been telling you, “The empty mind is the devil’s workshop.” The empty mind is God’s workshop! The occupied mind is the devil’s workshop.

But one has to be truly empty. Just being lazy does not mean that you are empty; not doing anything does not mean that you are empty. Thousands of thoughts are clamoring inside. You may be lazy on the outside, but inside much work is going on. Many walls are being created, new prisons are being prepared, so that when you get fed up with the old you can enter into the new. Old chains may break any time so you are creating new chains in case the old chains break; then you will feel very empty.