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Chapter 9: Entering the Gap

The divine is not to be worshipped, the divine is to be lived. You have to install the divine in your life, not in the temple. You have to nurture spiritual endeavor so that the divine can reside in your heart and pervade your every breath. For this, the disappearance of the “I” is essential. As long as your “I” remains, the divine cannot enter you. Hasn’t Kabir said in one of his songs that the lane of love is very narrow and two can’t move alongside each other?

One night I read until very late by the light of a lamp. When I turned off the lamp I was amazed. The full moon was shining outside, but the light of my tiny lamp had prevented the moonlight from entering my room. No sooner was my lamp extinguished than the nectar of the moonlight permeated my room. That day I came to realize that as long as the lamp of “I” is there, the light of God awaits outside the door.

The extinction of “I,” the nirvana of “I” is at the same time the coming of God’s light, the coming of God. Please don’t construct an idol of God, just destroy the idol of “I.” Its very disappearance is the appearance of God.