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Chapter 2: The Work of the Serpent

And you will be surprised and shocked, that even my room, my sitting room, my bedroom - they were all bugged. On the surface they were all saying that they love me and they are ready to die for me. What could be the reason to bug my room? And Vivek suspected it, because her room was also bugged. Hasya’s house was bugged, and every telephone call was taped. Now, my people are not talking politics on telephones - perhaps with a friend, with a lover.

And when I suspected this, I asked her. She said, “No. We are simply tapping the phones of people whom we suspect are planted by the government.”

I said, “In four years, how much information have you got? You show me.”

They had not a single piece of information. So I said, “What is the point? For four years those thirty people were not phoning at all?”

And this is simply an excuse to listen to other people’s conversations. And it is ugly, inhuman, undemocratic. It is a crime. It is interference in people’s privacy.

I was not aware that they were even bugging my room. It will be difficult for you to believe - yesterday we discovered and disconnected a bugging device.

She was continuously insisting that my room should have a buzzer, an emergency buzzer, so that the guards know immediately if anything is wrong.

I said, “From inside what can be wrong? Guards are outside. If anything wrong is going to happen to me, it will come from outside. They should have a buzzer to inform me. I am living isolated. Nobody can even see me from the outside, and I cannot see anybody outside. The buzzer is pointless.”

What she insisted was: in some emergency it may be needed. I said, “Okay, if you are so intent, it does me no harm.” But the point was - just yesterday we came to know - when the buzzer was removed, there was a microphone. It was a bugging device.

I was seeing a few people once in a while. She never wanted for me to see anybody. But I said, “This is not possible. I have a certain message for somebody, certain instruction for somebody. And I don’t think you are capable of doing it. So the person has to be called.”

So that was the reason for bugging my room - what am I saying to people whom I have called?

She had created almost a fascist state. It was ugly. It was criminal. And the whole bunch has escaped. Knowing that once Sheela and the main people are gone, the others will be in trouble because soon these things will be discovered..

But we are not going to leave these criminals in the world. They will destroy other communes, other people. I am going to inform the government; I am going to inform the international police force; I am going to inform all the communes; I am going to inform the press media. These people should be treated as criminals.

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