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Chapter 2: Waiting, Just Waiting

What is happening here is happening. I am not doing it. Remind yourself of that again and again. That will help you to understand me - not only to understand me but to relate with me, to commune with me. That will help to bring you closer and closer to me, that will make you open to me. You may be here for a certain work that you have decided to do upon yourself, but that is part of your ego. I am not doing anything here, I am just being here.

Share the energy, share the silence, share this satori, this samadhi, this enlightenment. It is overflowing, not for any reason at all, just for the simple reason that the whole of existence is an overflowing existence. Everything is too much here. Existence is not poor, existence is not miserly. Where one flower is needed, millions of flowers bloom. Where one star will do, millions of stars exist. This existence is so rich that it overflows. And whenever you become part of this existence, when you disappear, you also start overflowing.

That’s what I said yesterday to you about Yoka, that R.H. Blyth is wrong if he says that Yoka has nothing much to say and still goes on saying. He misunderstood the whole thing. The basic weakness of the Western approach toward life.. And it is not that he is against Yoka, he loves him; he has translated Yoka’s words with great care, with great love, but still the argument is there. And it is not a question of more or less - Why does Yoka go on speaking when he has nothing more to say? It is not even a question of more or less. Yoka has nothing to say, but what can he do? Existence goes on overflowing, existence goes on singing a song - he cannot prevent it. Only this objection can be raised against him: why is he not preventing it? But how can he prevent it, because he is no more, he has become dissolved in the whole.

That’s what enlightenment is: dissolution, disappearing into the whole, dropping your private will and becoming part of the cosmic will. That’s what has happened to me. Now, it is possible for you too to join hands with me. I am a witness to it as every buddha has always been. Just a witness. Being with me you may be reminded of your potential, that’s all. Falling in love with me, you will start seeing how you have been undoing your life. You were thinking you were doing great things, and in that very doing you have been undoing everything. Being with me, this insight, this breakthrough, this satori one day - of how you have been unnecessarily disturbing. In that very understanding you no longer disturb: all is beautiful from the very beginning. You simply stop creating troubles for yourself. And when you stop creating troubles for yourself, the joy flows.

The joy has not to be created, it is already the case. You just have to be in a silent, meditative mood so that you can see that which is there. To be with me is to taste a little bit, according to your capacity, the taste of meditation. But it is not work at all.

The second question:

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