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Chapter 2: A Majority of One

There is no need to do anything else. If you are enjoying it, you have heard me from the heart. It is an overflowing with love, an understanding beyond words. You have not tried to understand; you have never used the mind. It is good, perfectly good - that’s how the journey should begin.

When the heart is completely full of joy, it starts overflowing in all directions; the mind is not kept apart. That’s what is happening: you suddenly started listening with an effort to understand, and you feel your head is full of a strange tingling. That means something is overflowing from the heart, because that tingling cannot be possible only by understanding words.

And if you are feeling joyful, enjoying it, then there is no problem. It is simply that the heart and mind are getting into tune; their conflict is dissolving, their antagonism is disappearing. Soon they will be one thing. Then the very hearing is both - it reaches to your heart as a vibe, a thrill, and to the mind as an understanding - and both are connected within you.

The problem is only when the head starts the journey. It is a miser. In the first place, it cannot understand many things but pretends to understand them, so it creates a falsity. And it cannot give anything to the heart; it is not even aware of the heart. It does not know giving, it knows only getting; it is greedy.

You will be surprised to know that the English word greed comes from a Sanskrit word. In Sanskrit the vulture is called griddha. Griddha and greed come from the same root. The mind is a vulture. It is significant to understand because the vulture is always present if there is a corpse, if somebody is dead.

If you go to Bombay, the Parsi cemetery is something to see. It is one of the most beautiful places, exactly in the middle of Bombay. Parsis exist only in Bombay. Originally they are Persians. From Persian has come the Hindi word parsi. Because they were not willing to be converted to Mohammedanism, they escaped and landed in Bombay. Since then their whole existence in the world has been within the boundaries of Bombay, because the whole of Persia became Mohammedan - forcibly.

When they first came, the place they chose for their cemetery was outside Bombay. But Bombay has been growing tremendously and now it is exactly in the middle - a thick forest. The Parsi cemetery has something strange: it has a very big well, and on the top of the well there are iron rods. They put the corpse on the rods so that it cannot fall into the well. Then the vultures eat the corpse, and only the bones fall into the well. The well is full of bones - it is a very big well. And on all the trees you will find thousands of vultures sitting, waiting for somebody to die. They live only on the dead.

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